Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We finally moved back from Houston! We moved down there at the end of April for summer sales and we had so much fun and met tons of new friends. While Chris went out and knocked doors all day, I stayed home and hung out with girls by the pool, went shopping and toured the town. I did work a little while I was doing this all, I was the office girl. When they made a sale they would call me and I would send a tech. Easiest job in the world! All I had to do was have my phone with me and I could do whatever I wanted. While we were there, one of the wives did a photo shoot of me and Chris. Above are some of my favorite pics.

I finally got a blog! So much has happened in the last couple months. Chris and I celebrated our first anniversary on July 19th. He took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory. He took me shopping and bought me a pair of shorts and sunglasses and then we finished out the night at a hotel in downtown Houston. We had a blast!