Sunday, December 5, 2010

'tis the season

Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year!  After a flood in our little basement apartment, we finally got everything put back together and got our skinny little tree decorated.  We are so excited to spend time with family and remember our Savior. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year for thanksgiving my mom took us to California.  We stayed in the Marriott at Newport Beach and it was so amazing!  The weather was amazing and it was absolutely beautiful there.  We spent Thanksgiving day at Disneyland.  On Friday we slept in and got to relax a little.  We then drove around and looked at all the amazing yachts and then spent some time walking around the beach.  Saturday we got to do a session at the Newport temple.  It is a gorgeous temple.  We also did some shopping, played tennis, hot tubed, and just relaxed.  It was so warm, it was hard to come home to the snowy weather.
Us at Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth!
They had all the Christmas decorations at Disneyland and it was absolutely amazing how much they spend on decorating!  If you haven't been around Christmas, you definitely need to go see it

This is the view from the pool with the ocean in the background

The Beach, the water was FREEZING!

The Newport Pier
The gorgeous temple

Chris, me, Amber and Spencer after doing a session at the temple

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I can't believe it is already October!  I have been so busy that I haven't even had two seconds to blog.  But.....I am now officially an aunt!  My cute little nephew Kaiden Nielsen Johnson was born on September 13th.  He was 7 lbs and 11 oz and 19 1/2 inches.  He definitely has some Nielsen in him, his feet and hands are sooo big!  He is healthy and happy and just such a cute baby.  Here is a picture of him next to my cousin Allison's baby Scarlett who is two and a half weeks older than him.  He is way bigger than her but they are both so cute!

 This is me and Kaiden, he was getting hungry!

We got to go up and see the Lion King last weekend with my parents and sister.  It was so amazing!  All the costumes and music was so good!  We really enjoyed it even though we aren't huge on theater.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010

This past month has been crazy busy, it just flew by!!!   We had so much family here so tons of cousins and family gatherings.  For the 4th of July we were able to go to the Stadium of Fire with my family and see Carrie Underwood.  It was so good and she is just so amazing and talented!  

The week of the 12th the Lohner's always go to Bear Lake and my family was going to Lake Powell so we decided to split and go to both.  We went to Bear Lake on Monday and did just about everything we could until we had to leave on Wednesday morning.  We went skiing, went golfing, played tennis, went for a bike ride and of course had the famous raspberry shakes!  On Wednesday I had soccer practice at 2:30 and then right after that we headed to Powell with Melissa and my cousin Nate.  It was a Carter family reunion and none of them have ever been there so they had a blast down there!

The next weekend we celebrated our anniversary on friday, even though it was really on Monday.  We went up to Park City for the day and just enjoyed the fresh mountain air!  We went shopping, strolled main street and rode a lift up the mountain and back.  It is so pretty up there!  Then on Saturday the 24th, we went to the Bees game with Amber and Spencer, Sean and Ariel, and Katie and my cousin Nate.  They did an awesome firework show after the game.  

The last event of the month was Amy Jill's wedding!  The last of the fab four is finally married!  After dating since the 8th grade, her missionary is finally home and they tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple on July 30th, 2010.  The dinner was the night before at the Sleepy Ridge golf course and then the reception was the night of at the Sun River Gardens.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This last weekend we had so much fun! Friday we played tennis and then had a fire in Shay's backyard with the fab four and all our boys. On Saturday we woke up early to go to the lake and skied all morning. We rushed home and then went hiking up to Stewart Falls with the Lohner's and Sean and Ariel came as well. It was a pretty hike and when we got up there, we went exploring. We were pretty much rock climbing with no ropes and it was so scary! We climbed almost to the top of the water fall. After our hike, we drove around and saw all the pretty cabins up at Sundance and then we went back home to get ready for the Strawberry Days Rodeo. We got all dressed up and had so much fun watching all the cowboys! Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cruise 2010

We had the opportunity to go on a cruise with our good friends Sean and Ariel Stephan. We went to the islands of St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Cococay (a private island owned by the cruiseline). We went with Royal Caribbean on the Freedom of the Seas and we absolutely loved every minute of our trip! It was so nice to get away and actually get some sun.

This is us on the ship leaving Port Canaveral, Florida

COCOCAY: We had to be tendered over to the island because it is so small. This is a picture of our ship from the island. It was a beautiful day and we spent most of our time here relaxing on the beach.

ST. THOMAS: On St. Thomas we went Kayaking up a river to an island where we snorkeled and went hiking. It was a beautiful day with overcast so it wasn't too hot.

ST. MAARTEN: On St. Maarten we rented ATV's and drove around the whole island. It was so fun, we went to tons of beaches and got to see first hand how the people live. By the end of the day it started pouring rain and we couldn't help but laugh because we were the only people driving ATV's out in the rain!

THE SHIP: The sea days were so fun because the ship itself was sooo amazing! There was always something to do. We relaxed up on deck and enjoyed the sun, we tried the flowrider which is way harder than it looks, we went miniature golfing, and of course ate ALOT!

The ice skating show.

These are our amazing waiters in the dining room! We really got to know them and they treated us like gold. The dinners were so fun.

We loved going to shows at nights. Our cruise director was hilarious and the entertainers were very talented.

THE AIRPORT: Here is us sitting with our luggage on our way home. We sat at the Orlando airport for 5 hours! Good thing there were plenty of shops to keep us busy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Lately!

We have been so busy lately! We finally finished up school and finals only to have Chris right back to class. He is taking two classes over the summer so hopefully we will both be able to graduate together in the Spring of 2011. While he is doing school in the mornings, I am now working full time at the dental office. I have been very blessed to have this job, it is a great environment and I have a pretty cool boss :)! Chris is still working at Chili's which has been a great job as well, even though the hours are awful! We hardly see each other Monday through Thursday because I am asleep before he gets home and leave before he gets up and by the time I get home, he is gone! I guess that is just how it goes once you get married. We are keeping very busy in hopes that somewhere in the near future we won't have to work so hard.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dental Assisting School!!!

I work at my father-in-laws dental office and over the summer he is doing a Dental Assisting School. It is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience in a real office. Dental Assisting is a great job and they get paid very well. The school is just over the summer in the evenings so spread the word ASAP and lets get people signed up!! Check out the website at

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My amazing husband asked me out this last weekend on a romantic date! He decorated the bathroom while I was asleep with roses and chocolate kisses and left a note asking me on a fancy date the following evening. He didn’t give me any details other than I was to wear a fancy dress and be ready by 6.

We went and picked up our friends Blaine and Kristen and then the boys blindfolded us girls and then we drove around forever. They took us to the Lohner’s house where they had slaved away all day on ACTUALLY COOKING a nice dinner for us and decorating the dining room with flowers and candles. We had the best dinner- made by our adorable husbands- and they even served us!!!

Dinner turned out great and it was so much fun to get dressed up and all ready for something nice. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband who takes care of my every need. We have so much fun together and are truly in love!