Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year for thanksgiving my mom took us to California.  We stayed in the Marriott at Newport Beach and it was so amazing!  The weather was amazing and it was absolutely beautiful there.  We spent Thanksgiving day at Disneyland.  On Friday we slept in and got to relax a little.  We then drove around and looked at all the amazing yachts and then spent some time walking around the beach.  Saturday we got to do a session at the Newport temple.  It is a gorgeous temple.  We also did some shopping, played tennis, hot tubed, and just relaxed.  It was so warm, it was hard to come home to the snowy weather.
Us at Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth!
They had all the Christmas decorations at Disneyland and it was absolutely amazing how much they spend on decorating!  If you haven't been around Christmas, you definitely need to go see it

This is the view from the pool with the ocean in the background

The Beach, the water was FREEZING!

The Newport Pier
The gorgeous temple

Chris, me, Amber and Spencer after doing a session at the temple

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