Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years!

For New Years this year we spent a week in Dallas, Texas for a wedding.  Chris' cousin Ashlie got married on December 28th in the Dallas Temple.  They are the same age and were close friends all growing up so we were very excited that we got to be there.  Two of Chris' uncles live there as well as my aunt so we got to spend lots of time with family.  It was a very busy week but we had tons of fun!  On Monday, the 27th, we flew in to the Dallas airport and had to change in the bathroom into our nice clothes in order to make it on time to the wedding dinner.  We had an amazing dinner at Maggianos and afterword headed back to Uncle Mike's for an after party for the bride and groom to be.  The next day they had the ceremony at noon at the Dallas Temple and after pictures we headed to the Galleria mall which is huge!  They have an ice skating rink and three stories of shops, I was in heaven!!!  We made it back to Uncle Matt's just in time to leave for the reception.  We were at the reception for almost five hours but we had a blast!  The food was great, there was a dance floor, and lots of good company.  The rest of the week we spent going to the gym, hanging out with Matt's four crazy boys, and visiting my aunt Collette in Allen.  Our New Year's Eve was actually pretty lame.  We went to Uncle Mike's and had take out, played games, and just hung out.  We were all pretty pooped by the time midnight rolled around but we shot off some fireworks and did some sparklers and that was about it.
Chris and I at the wedding dinner

Chris and I at the reception

Chris and his cousin Ashlie

Aimee, Chris, me, and Grandpa at the Galleria
Aunt Collette, Cassandra, Ali, Scarlett, and me at their home in Allen, Texas
Chris with his cousin Brooks

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