Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Lately...

Sooooo much has gone on over the last couple of months I don't even know where to start!  Well... for starters, Christmas was awesome and we had so much fun that we didn't take any pictures!!!  The good news is that we got a new camera for Christmas so we can now take hundreds of pictures!  So the latest and greatest in the life of Chris and Jen, WE MOVED!  It is temporary, but we are currently living in Jackson, Wyoming for the next 3 months!  Chris got the opportunity to manage an H&R Block office up here so we put life on hold and headed up here for our next great adventure!  So far it has been really good,  we actually get to work together which is tons of fun.  I work at the front desk answering phones while Chris is preparing tax returns.  I just got here this week so we haven't really been able to explore and see what there is to do up here, but we love this little town and are excited.  The bad news is that we were over a half hour late to work yesterday because of two fresh feet of snow!  We are probably the only people up here who don't have a 4-wheel drive car or snow tires.  I was very sad to have to put our lives back home on hold, I love my jobs and miss my family but it will be good for us to be on our own for a while. 

Chris digging out our car with our window scrapper
In the midst of this big change, we have been struggling with some health scares.  We don't know everything yet but the doctors think that Chris has a hole in his heart.  It has been very scary going through all these different tests and things but we had to put all that on hold as well to come up here so we don't have any definite answers yet.  Not only has Chris been having some scares, but one morning right before Christmas I actually had a seizure out of the blue.  We ended up spending my mom's birthday in the ER, all of my test results came back completely normal, but I literally scared Chris to death.  Although everything seems to be alright, I am not allowed to drive for the next 3 months which is the worst part!  Through all this, we have learned to be very grateful and rely on the Lord.  We know that everything happens for a reason and I know the Lord is only trying to teach us and help us grow.  We are so excited to get away for the next couple months and spend some time alone without the stresses of life.  That being said, we have plenty of room and would love to have visitors!  It is such a beautiful town up here and there is actually SNOW!
Chris hooked up to all these heart monitors, running on a treadmill 
Me in the ER (I was completely out of it obviously!)


  1. Hello I am blog stalking :) That is so scary about the hospital visits, hope it all works out. And Wyoming seems sooooo pretty, have fun!

  2. Oh dear dear sister... you look hot in that picture. For reals.