Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Vegas was a blast this weekend! It was the first time my little U-16 team has played together before and they did awesome! We ended up losing in the semi-final game but I was so impressed with how well they played together and stepped up to the challenge. I absolutely love coaching and want to continue doing it for a long time.

Chris was able to come with me down there and we spent all afternoon together Saturday and all day Sunday together. Chris' aunt and uncle live down there and we got to spend some time with them which was fun. The best part was just hanging out in our hotel room and watching 24!!! We are on season 3 and once we get started on a season, we literally can't stop! It is addicting.


  1. we're addicted to 24 too! we just started watching the newest season...whichever one it is. :)

  2. ps - the "security" word that i had to type in for the above comment was "boatin," which i thought was oddly perfect, seeing as you're a lohner.