Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Jackson Experience...

For those of you who don't know, we moved up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in January so Chris could manage the H&R Block office up there.  Although it was only temporary, we had a lot of fun and were able to do some fun things while we were up there!  

Chris' parents and 2 of his younger siblings came up and spent a weekend with us.  We ended up having quite the adventure!  We first went to the elk refuge and took a sleigh ride out and learned about them.  There are thousands that come every winter.  We also decided to rent some snowmobiles and go snowmobiling on Saturday.  It turned out to be the worst day ever!  It was so snowy, windy and cold but we decided to go anyways!  We went out to Togwotee Pass which is about an hour outside of Jackson.  You have to drive through snow fields and with the wind it literally creates a white out on the roads and you can't even see 2 feet in front of you!  There was no way to turn around so we continued on and went snowmobiling.  It was cold but fun.  Once we were done, we loaded back up and headed back to Jackson.  At Moran Junction, there were tons of cars lined up waiting to turn towards Jackson.  They had closed the road and we waited for over 4 hours before they finally decided they wouldn't open the road that night and tried to figure out sleeping/food arrangements for all the stranded people.  The owners of the Signal Mountain Lodge were very generous and opened up their Summer Lodge to all of us and even cooked dinner.  Most everyone slept in the foyer but we decided to make our own private arrangements in the laundry room.  We spent the night there and they opened the road early Sunday morning, just in time for us to make it back for our talks at church.

We had tons of other visitors while up there.  Our friends Sean and Ariel came and stayed, my sisters all came, and my parents.  When Sean and Ariel came we went to dinner at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and saw the movie "The Vow".

Melissa, David, and Sharissa came up St. Patrick's Day and we went to the Pond Skim at the Snow King Resort.  Basically everyone tries to get enough speed to get all the way across the pond without getting wet.  There were a couple of young kids who were really good!  People started getting more drunk and try more crazy things ha!  People went down on tubes, snowboards, waterskis and tried doing all sorts of flips and spins.  And yes, there were girls in bikinis.   

Our last weekend up in Jackson together, they had the snowmobile hill climb.  It is a huge snowmobile competition where people come from all over to compete by getting to the top of the mountain the quickest.  It was such a warm day, they were basically going up in mud.  There were a couple good wrecks where you could see the sleds tumbling down the mountain.  It was totally redneck and absolutely hilarious to see some of the people there.  We sat and watched for a while and once we got home, Chris had fried his face!  

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