Monday, November 12, 2012

Crafts Galore!

So when I am not cooking, cleaning, or nannying, I spend my time crafting and working on projects.  I figure I will probably never get this free time ever again so I might as well enjoy it right?  Well here are some of my favorite projects as of late.

Halloween Wreath

Fall Wreath

Copycat from Potterybarn

Paisley will be so cute!

More Hair accessories 

Had to make something to hold all her headbands and clips, but I didn't want to display it so this hides perfectly behind the door
Painted my old mirror, looks way better!

Jewelry holder


  1. so many wreaths! I'm impressed. And you definitely will not get that time ever again. I could not even begin to imagine the amount of time a small bundle who does basically nothing could require. And it just doesn't slow up... haha.