Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to Idaho!

We finally have internet!!!  I have felt so lost without it this last week.  Well, we have officially moved to Nampa, Idaho, just West of Boise.  Chris is still getting into the swing of things at H&R Block and is  now the Assistant District Manager over 16 offices.  Luckily, this is still just a learning experience so we will be back next May.  We are all settled and I am currently on the lookout for a job.  I had to quit my two jobs back home that I absolutely loved!  I have worked as a Hygiene Assistant at Lexington Heights Dental and a coach for Celtic Storm Soccer Club for the last 3 years and loved every minute of both jobs!  I was so sad to leave but I am so excited for the next stage of life and our little girl to get here!  Here are some pics of our new apartment:

Our lovely kitchen, living and dining room- feels like home!

The bedroom, 2 bathrooms, the office/soon to be baby girl's room, and the awesome view from our balcony!

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  1. the new place looks nice!!! when are you guys coming down to visit??!!!